Deadbolt is a top down Fast paced Action Space Shooter where you play as a Resistance fighter trying to overthrow your Machine Overlords. In the Game you can make use of your Ship's CPU to trigger abilities like Healing or viruses like the Enemy Weapon Hack.  But as you play the enemy is also trying to hack your ship and you must decide if you will spend CPU to reduce their progress or if you will try to live with the negative effects of successful enemy hacks.

The Game was made for Fire Jam 3 and all Art and Code involved in the project was made by myself barring the Font and Game Sounds used.  Credit can be found in the Menu In-game.

How To Play:

Use the WSAD or arrows keys to move around the screen.

Press or Hold the Left Mouse Button to Fire

Use the number keys 1 through 4 to trigger abilities

Abilities cost varying amounts of Ship CPU to trigger. Killing enemies awards a small amount of CPU depending on the type. Abilities take time to cool down and reflect the progress to their next availability on their icons.

During the Game the enemy will try to hack your ship to trigger negative effects. You can set back the progress to the next enemy hack by using the Cycle Systems Ability.

Nanobot Repair can be used to restore some of your Ship’s health instantly.

Shield Protocol will protect your ship from all projectile damage for a limited or save from one collision with an enemy ship after which the shield will turn off.

Weapon Virus will disable the weapons of all enemy ships present and future for a short time.

As you kill enemies you will receive prestige, upon reaching prestige milestones you will be promoted to the next rank. The Highest attainable rank is War Hero at 5,000 prestige.

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